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The RCHS has three buildings as follows:

Main museum and genealogy center at 223 N. Clark Street – this building was constructed/rebuilt in 1884. It was the location of the Hagarty Grocery (lower floor) and the Hagarty Opera House on a second floor. The upper floor was destroyed with the main floor saved for a number of purposes before becoming our display space and family history center.

A second building immediately west of the Main Museum is the Sycamore Apartments. This 3=story building is used for storage of much of our collection, however, displays are maintained on the 2nd and 3rd floors. A second floor display depicts a 1940’s era doctor’s waiting room with a second room displaying instruments and equipment from doctors’ offices and hospitals in the area. A new “general store” display will soon be open for tours as will new post office and bank displays.

  • A third floor tour will allow visitors to see a room much like it was in 1963 when closed as a “business.”
  • All displays in the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Sycamore are not handi-capped accessible. Approximately, 40 steps are required to tour and view the upper floors.

The third location of the RCHS is the old Pacific/Railway Express office constructed in 1889 and located on Sturgeon Street. This area, now known as Depot Park, was the location of Moberly’s Wabash/Union Station, a railroad hotel and restaurant and the express office. Today, only the express office/museum remains however the area is now a beautiful park with outside displays, a Wabash caboose, Pullman car, the Indiana, and a clock tower constructed by the Moberly Rotary Club depicting a tower of the original railroad depot. Major renovations are to occur to this 1889 structure, hopefully to be completed prior to Moberly’s Sesquicentennial in 2016.

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