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Welcome to the Randolph County Historical Society (RCHS) website! We hope you find the information and research resources helpful as you seek to learn about Randolph County, Missouri’s rich history. If you are doing genealogical/family history research please look over the many resources and lists with many interesting facts as this area became a pathway west following the end of the Civil War. Of course, should you find an omission or error, please bring it to our attention by way of a telephone call, e-mail or personal visit.

Now, take time to look over each page of our site, listen to our media additions, and mark your calendars for our open schedule, events and more. We hope you enjoy your tour and look forward to hearing and seeing you at the museums of RCHS!

Now Open!

Volunteers are on hand to greet you personally, answer the telephone or e-mails on:

Monday – 10 a.m. – Noon
Thursday – 1 -3 P.M.
Saturday – 9 a.m. – Noon

And, other times by appointment. Please call us (660-263-9396) or E-Mail us at rchs@sbcglobal.net.

The Railroad Museum will be open on Saturday afternoons, and, by appointment.

Admission to both areas is still free. We do charge for copies. Donations and contributions are a vital revenue source for our museums and their operations. While no set “Admission” is charged we ask that you contribute an amount commensurate with the size of your group. Thank you!

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Military Display At History Museum

Omar Bradley display at the Historical Museum

Permanent and periodic displays fill this area of the RCHS museum. Whether celebrating the 100th anniversary of WWII, Veteran’s Day, General Bradley’s birthday, or more there are many interesting items related to military history. Ranging from a tree with an imbedded cannon-ball from the Civil War, a WWI “doughboy” statue, to pictures of local Korean War vets you will be pleased with the way we celebrate our soldiers.

Military display at the Historical Museum

A permanent portion of the military display contains pictures, letters and awards to Randolph County native son, Omar Bradley. From his elementary school and playing baseball days to his tenure with the Joint Chiefs, Veteran’s Administration and Bulova Watch Company you will learn more and continue to be amazed by the“G.I. Joe’s … Read the rest

Other Displays

While much of our collection must be stored (approximately 65%!) due to space restrictions there is much to see. As you enter the 223 N. Clark museum you will see a corner honoring local historian, the late Ralph Gerhard. Also, see memorabilia from Moberly’s Centennial in 1966, a “railroad corner” with many smalls relating to the railroad, a shoe-shine chair from the Moberly Union Station, a locomotive bell and diorama of the “Allen, MO” depot depicting a Civil War event. Other important exhibits include baseball, including the contributions of a number of black Americans from this area, commercial store and building displays, schools, and, lots more.… Read the rest

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